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Helping startups solve culture, people, process, and technology problems.

Benefit from the proven experience of a seasoned engineering leader before you're ready to bring on a full-time executive.

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Guillermo A. Fisher

I'm a former Senior Vice President of Engineering, certified AWS professional, and AWS Data Hero that employs a metrics-driven approach informed by decades of experience building successful teams, developing dynamic leaders, and delivering complex technology solutions at organizations of various sizes.


Define the values and principles that determine how your people approach work, interact with each other, and collaborate cross-functionally.


Build an org chart that meets your needs, and hire the right people to fill your roles. Create an environment that keeps high-performers happy.


Identify bottlenecks in your delivery pipeline to unlock engineering productivity and accelerate decision-making. Use the right tools to measure success.


Apply proven architectural patterns to deliver value to your customers. Develop technology roadmaps that allow for the delivery of performant solutions.


Organizations and individuals at different stages in their growth have different needs, and what's required from a fractional engineering leader varies according to those needs. Choose from a variety of customized offerings designed to help you develop effective technical strategies, build high-performing teams, and efficiently deliver value to your customers no matter where you are in your journey.

Individuals and Groups

Coach and Advisor

Coaching sessions are designed to help leaders address issues they might be facing, including: people management problems, discussing engineering productivity with the leadership team, organizational design, DevOps or Agile transformation guidance, etc.

Pre-seed to Early Stage Startups

Technical Co-Founder

Gain a partner who can define your company's technical vision, quickly staff a team of founding engineers and/or contractors, deliver an MVP, and iterate. I'll help create your product roadmap, implement lightweight Agile processes, and build out your initial IT infrastructure.

Growth Stage Startups

Organizational Leader

Enlist the expertise of a seasoned leader to lay the foundation for scale and create a hiring plan. I'll work with your leaders to develop a technical strategy, develop an inclusive engineering culture that drives innovation, and define OKRs/KPIs to achieve business goals.

Scaleups and Enterprise

Leadership at Scale

Leverage my experience to develop your engineering leadership team or to drive specific initiatives to completion such as: product delivery process optimization, data infrastructure solutions, DevOps transformations, AI strategy development, etc.


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I help startups solve culture, people, process, and technology problems. If you're in need of the services of an engineering executive, schedule a free introductory call. I'd love to learn more about the challenges you're facing!

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